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Features to help you Worship Without Distraction

Creating a Playlist means you have the entire service/event at your fingertips. And if the service takes an unexpected course Words of Worship makes it easy to stay in control.

Exclusive! Find impromptu songs faster with QuickPick™

Your worship leader’s impromptu changes can be followed quickly and easily, even if you don’t know the title or misspell a word!

  • Just type the song title, or any phrase from the song
  • The only worship software to forgive typos and misspelling
  • Ideal for when the operator is working under time pressure or is unfamiliar with a song

QuickPick technology is exclusive to Words of Worship

Dual monitor support

Your operator can have two displays - one showing the projected image and one showing the controls.

  • Line up the next song during display
  • The entire song is visible to the operator, not just the words currently projected
  • Easy navigation through songs

Intuitive Windows interface

  • Familiar and easy to use
  • New operators can readily take control

Hot key shortcuts

  • Common instructions at the touch of a single button
  • Intuitive buttons (for example, just hit [1] to jump to verse one, or [C] to jump to the chorus etc.)


  • If a song verse is too long to fit on one screen, SmoothScroll™ will smoothly scroll the text
  • Eliminates line jumps for greater readability
  • Helps the worshipper sing without distraction

Bible Reference Finder

  • Find Bible references quickly and easily
  • Perfect for impromptu sermon support as well preparing a PlayList.

Live video overlay

  • Replace the background with live video. Words of Worship’s special features provide added visual impact without compromising visual clarity:

  • High quality outline font keeps the text clear and legible
  • Operator can reposition songs to complement the video image, for maximum readability and the clearest video image

CCLI licence compatible

  • Automatically displays copyright information
  • Reduces administration by aiding CCLI form completion

On-screen alerts

"it was very good to slip in odd notices at the bottom of the screen for parents of children who needed attention, cars with lights left on etc with minimal distraction to the conference." RH, Scotland

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Make important alerts without distracting the whole congregation

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